The Rural Greek Island: 5 Reasons to go to Kefalonia this summer

Landing on the island of Kefalonia was absolutely nothing like what we expected and that is the best part about it! More Mediterranean than Mykonos, Kefalonia is the lush, low-key neighbour that flies under the radar for most of the year. Located west of mainland Greece, it’s a Greek Island like no other. Here are five reasons why you need to go……

1. One word for you: Myrtos

Myrtos is one of the most incredible beaches you will ever see. Kefalonia is seriously dramatic and the majority of it is WAY above sea level (1628m to be exact).


2. Melissani Caves

Even the underground caves are still technically above sea level. This cave is 100m long and 30m deep, complete with an underground blue water lake.

3. It’s cute, colourful and still feels like a village


4. You can have a beach all to yourself

5. It’s lush, relaxing and quiet

And now that you’ve been convinced, we have the perfect place to stay on the island……..COMING SOON 😉