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The Icelandic Beach That Will Blow Your Mind

As seasoned summer loving travellers, a freezing cold winter getaway is not our usual idea of a Wave Provocateur vacay. In fact, before our recent trip to Iceland, we weren’t entirely sure of it’s place on the blog and saw it more as an icey adventure rather than a posting paradise….but oh how wrong we were!

Despite shivering our way through every hike, photo stop and beach day, Iceland was some of the most incredibly breathtaking scenery we have ever witnessed. Wild, sparse and completely raw, this small island has so much to offer that we can’t believe we ever doubted it’s place on our site.

After completing the famed Route 1 ring road, one of the stand out places was the Jökulsárlón beach, located about 4.5 hours east Reykjavik. Here at WP, beaches are our thing and it’s easy to see why this one is at the top of the list. Jökulsárlón is where waves, black sand and icebergs collide in the most epic way!

bree warren mitch mccann iceland jokulsarlon black sand beach

surf iceland black san beach

mitch mccann iceland jokulsarlon black sand beach



bree warren mitch mccann iceland black sand beach jokulsarlon


Consider this just the tip of the iceberg……..every single day in Iceland will blow your mind! It really is just that good. So stay tuned for some more icey updates from our trip over the next few months.