We were REALLY excited about going to Monument Valley. So much so it was at the top of our list when we began planning our cross-country road trip. For us, it was one of those iconic American landscapes that had captivated us since we were kids. Rugged red dirt with towering sandstone buttes and mesas resembling what we can only describe as the wild, wild west. This IS the definitive WEST.

Western movies aside, what we didn’t realise (as two foreigners) was this entire area is part of the Navajo Tribal Park, the sacred heartland of the Navajo native american tribe.

What we also didn’t realise was that it’s BIG. Really big with so much to explore. The landscape and light is nothing short of spectacular. They say it’s the most photographed place in the world and now we know why! We decided to camp here overnight and watch the incredible sunset looking out on the valley. One of our best memories! If you are headed here make sure you dedicate enough time and if you want to stay overnight there’s really cool cabins you can book here.